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4 Benefits of Sustainable Clothing

4 Benefits of Sustainable Clothing

The sustainable clothing movement is growing in popularity each year. There are many benefits of sustainable clothing, including style, eco-friendliness, and supporting the environment. Here are four benefits that make sustainable clothing worth buying!


Sustainable clothing is made from materials that can be recycled or reused instead of being thrown away which means less waste in our landfills.  For example, Cleaner Clothing makes clothing out of recycled water bottles!

"Clothing is the second most common type of waste after food. Americans discard an estimated 15 million tons of clothing each year, which amounts to about 80 pounds per person." -EPA

Buying sustainable clothing helps reduce this statistic and is better for the environment overall.


Clothes crafted with sustainable materials have a unique look to them - they're stylish while also being eco-conscious. Sustainable materials used in fashion such as bamboo, organic cotton, wool, and yes, even recycled plastics, are often softer and more comfortable to wear than synthetic fabrics.

"Sustainable style is really having a moment right now... Sustainable clothing is not only good for the environment, but it also helps you look great." -EcoWatch

Supporting Community Outreach Programs

Investing in sustainable styles not only helps the planet but your local community as well. Many sustainable clothing brands, such as Cleaner Clothing, have involved community outreach programs that promote the wellbeing of all mankind. Learn about how Cleaner Clothing is making a difference in our community today!

Building a Healthier World

The more people who buy sustainable clothing, the more incentive clothing companies have to create sustainable clothing lines.  The sustainable fashion industry is growing rapidly, with more and more people looking to buy eco-friendly clothing.

"Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue for the fashion industry, as it becomes clearer that current practices are not sustainable in the long term." -The Guardian

By wearing sustainable clothing, you're supporting the environment and helping make a difference!

There are many reasons to buy sustainable clothing, including style, eco-friendliness, and supporting the environment. Cleaner Clothing is a sustainable fashion brand that uses recycled materials to make our clothing. We're also proud to orchestrate community outreach programs that promote the well-being of all those around us. If you're looking for stylish and sustainable clothing, look no further than Cleaner Clothing!

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